Future Is The Hardest-Working Guy In Rap

Atlanta rapper Future hasn't slept much this year. He's put out three mixtapes since October, is currently working on another, and at this rate is Lil B-level prolific, but with more songs that actually make it in the pocket. You don't even have to like Future to appreciate the insanity of that level of output. » 3/23/15 5:34pm 3/23/15 5:34pm

The Future Song "Peacoat" Is About Fashion And Peeing On A Girl

Atlanta rapper Future and beloved veteran producer Zaytoven just put out a great new mixtape called Beast Mode. It includes a song called "Peacoat," which is about both high fashion and watersports, because hip-hop wordplay is alive and well! » 1/22/15 1:26pm 1/22/15 1:26pm

Here's What Middle-Aged Napoleon Dynamite And Pedro Look Like

Reader Brian sent along his friend's photo, which he claims was taken in Idaho. He believes the men in the photo look like Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro, "40 years in the future." We can see it. » 7/07/14 8:28pm 7/07/14 8:28pm

21st Century Hockey, As Predicted In 1967

Over at /r/hockey, Redditor McGrevin has dug up something wonderful. From what appears to be an NHL season preview magazine put out by the late Toronto Telegram (and legendary sportswriter George Gross), it's a vision of hockey in the year 2000, as seen through 1967's eyes. » 10/14/13 12:14pm 10/14/13 12:14pm