Gabe Kapler's Advice To Baseball Players: Get A Nice Tan On Your Nuts

Former Major League Baseball player Gabe Kapler is now the Dodgers’ Director of Player Development, but on the side he also runs the blog Kap Lifestyle, which we’ve written about before. On Kap Lifestyle, Kapler and guests write about topics like nutrition, weightlifting, and working out. Today’s entry, titled “Au… »8/13/15 10:36pm8/13/15 10:36pm


Helpful Advice From Gabe Kapler: Jerk Off With Coconut Oil

Former MLB outfielder and current Fox Sports 1 talking head Gabe Kapler is a man who possesses a lot of knowledge on how to live a healthy lifestyle, knowledge which he often dispenses on his personal blog, A recent post about the many uses for coconut oil contains some of Kapler's most important… »6/11/14 10:42am6/11/14 10:42am