The NFL Network Cannot Locate New York City On A Map

This is from tonight's NFL Total Access, and we borrowed reader Schnu's comment for the headline, since it seemed particularly appropriate. » 8/30/11 9:40pm 8/30/11 9:40pm

Stuart Scott's Unfortunately Timed And Therefore Highly Ironic F-Bomb…

Stu Scott was hyping an upcoming replay of Derek Anderson's meltdown last night when, in describing the cough button that "bleeps" out curse words on TV, Scott accidentally used a curse word on TV. » 11/30/10 4:10pm 11/30/10 4:10pm

Ducks Forward's Empty-Netter Seals Game (For The Oilers)

Anaheim's Corey Perry was just trying to set up a teammate in front of the net as the clocked ticked down. Instead, he ended up committing one of the biggest goofs in recent memory. » 11/22/10 2:00pm 11/22/10 2:00pm

This Is What $102 Million Gets You, Devils Fans

The shootout has been one of the most welcome additions to the NHL in the last few years. The excitement's palpable and the chances of seeing either an amazing goal or an amazing stop are present. But not tonight in Dirty Jerz. » 11/10/10 10:45pm 11/10/10 10:45pm

John Buccigross' "Whore" Problem

On yesterday's SportsCenter, anchor John Buccigross—most likely reading from Elin Nordegren's statement—said, "It was a real marriage for whore." What a jagoff. » 8/26/10 12:20pm 8/26/10 12:20pm

ESPN Anchor Commits Gaffe. Oh, And He Calls Citi Field "Shitty Field,"…

Following a look-in to whatever it is that A-Rod was doing, Anish Shroff flubbed sending it back to the announcers at the Mets game, saying, "Let's get you back out to Shitty Field as the Mets threaten [sic] the 8th." How embarrassing! » 7/29/10 1:55pm 7/29/10 1:55pm

The Tiger Woods Injury-Condition Flub You've Been Waiting For All Day

Tiger Woods' bulging disc has forced him to exit The Players Championship and occasioned a Freudian moment from one unfortunate Golf Channel reporter, who called the injury a "bulging dick." H/T Michael. » 5/09/10 3:20pm 5/09/10 3:20pm