Hockey Player Who Got His Femoral Artery Slashed Open Has Ridiculous Scar

Back in February, Winnipeg Jets defenseman Zach Redmond nearly died when his femoral artery was accidentally cut open by a teammate's skate during practice. Today, Redmond returned to the ice for the first time since undergoing surgery to repair the artery, and he let the media get a peek at the nasty scar that he… »4/05/13 1:24pm4/05/13 1:24pm

Brian Cashman Looks Pretty Chill For A Guy Who Just Had Ankle Surgery

So it turns out that Brian Cashman's skydiving mishap from earlier today probably didn't result in him suffering a compound fracture. That's good, because compound fractures are gross. Cashman did end up with a broken fibula and a dislocated ankle, though, and he just got out of surgery for the latter. Thanks to what… »3/04/13 6:25pm3/04/13 6:25pm

"I'm Walking Around With A Bullet In My Head And A Scar On My Neck": Clint Malarchuk, At 50

On March 22, 1989, Buffalo Sabres goalie Clint Malarchuk had his neck slashed by an opponent's skate, slicing open his carotid artery and jugular vein, and bringing him within minutes of his own death. (You can watch the video here, at your own risk.) In 2008, Malarchuk, who has a long history of depression, shot… »2/03/12 11:37am2/03/12 11:37am