Galatasaray To Protest Racism Against Drogba By Wearing Blackface

Galatasaray's Didier Drogba faced your typical Euro-flavor of racism during this past weekend's derby match against Fenerbahce: monkey noises, bananas on the pitch, et cetera. In response, Drogba's teammates are pledging to wear blackface in their next match as a token of solidarity toward him and fellow players of… » 5/15/13 1:45pm 5/15/13 1:45pm

With No Tickets, Turkish Soccer Fans Try Burrowing Into Stadium

For Tuesday's sold-out Champions League match at Schalke, a group of Galatasaray supporters came up with an ingenious idea. Just before the match began, they attempted to dig through frozen ground, underneath a fence, to sneak into the Veltins-Arena. By "ingenious" we of course mean "stupid." » 3/13/13 5:42pm 3/13/13 5:42pm