Let Us Introduce You To The Dankest Of All Game Of Thrones Theories

For all of the casual viewership and cultural ubiquity Game Of Thrones has achieved by being a show about “tits and dragons,” the show only works because of the writing. Almost everything about the plot is just goddamn preposterous, but it works because it’s anchored in characters having conversations with each other.

GRRM Reads New Old Pages, Lending Credence To Insane Game Of Thrones Fan Theory

Famed no-pages-haver George R.R. Martin went to Balticon last weekend, revealed Brienne of Tarth’s secret lineage, and read some pages, which, despite their fresh unveiling, are old. He’s been slowly letting out advance chapters from The Winds Of Winter, the sixth volume in his A Song Of Ice And Fire saga, over the…

Podrick The Magic-Dicked Teen Is The True Hero Of Game of Thrones

Season 6 of HBO’s Game Of Thrones premieres on Sunday, and fans will finally get answers to the burning questions that last year’s finale left them with. Is that guy, the handsome one, dead? What’s going on with the dragon lady? What shit is the creepy guy going to get into this year, and what inexplicable accent will…


Will This Character Finally Make His Debut On Game Of Thrones?

One of the most engrossing facets of George R.R. Martin’s five-book A Song Of Ice And Fire saga is just how big the world is. The experience of reading the ASOIAF books is one of constantly checking the map inside the front jacket to orient yourself and checking the roster inside the back jacket to figure out who the…

16 Fun, Escapist Books To Get Your Mind off This Crazy Election Year

Yeesh, this is a scary, weird year to be living on planet Earth. And we haven’t gotten those danged off-world colonies set up yet, for some reason. There’s no escape! Except, as Emily Dickinson would advise, to say “frig it,” and read a book. So here are 16 friggin’ great books to help you forget about 2016.