Leonard Cooper, Jeopardy Folk Hero, Still Could Have Lost When He…

Everyone is rightly lauding Leonard Cooper, the winner of the Jeopardy Teen Tournament, as America's coolest high schooler. When Final Jeopardy came around, Leonard didn't know the answer. So he wrote something much better. He wrote, » 2/13/13 8:05pm 2/13/13 8:05pm

Jeff Kent Took His Survivor Cues From "The Fat, Naked, Gay Guy"

You can thank CBS for bringing together two things you probably haven't thought about in nearly a decade: Survivor and Surly Former Second Baseman Jeff Kent™. The show has already filmed, and Kent is back from the Philippines, but since it doesn't premier until next week Kent can't talk about what went down, or how… » 9/14/12 2:40pm 9/14/12 2:40pm

A D-Backs Employee Embarrassed Himself On MLB Network's Game Show Last…

Poor Josh DeFamio, graphics supervisor of the Arizona Diamondbacks. He was on MLB Network's Baseball IQ—a show in which teams' employees compete to win money for charity—last night, ready to advance to the finals to face off against Mets statistician Ben Baumer. All he has to do is name 10 of the 19 baseball Hall of… » 2/24/12 7:02pm 2/24/12 7:02pm

"His Schlong" Was An Actual Answer On Tonight's Family Feud

If it's Monday, it means a sex reference on a game show. After last week's Donkey Punch incident on Jeopardy!, we present to you an answer nobody guessed to the Family Feud question (okay, the clues on that show are actually imperatives) "Name something an airline pilot might be holding on a long flight." » 1/23/12 8:42pm 1/23/12 8:42pm

Dan Patrick Hosted A Category On Jeopardy! Last Night, The One…

Radio/TV personality and ESPN gadfly Dan Patrick guest-hosted a category in the first round of last night's episode of Jeopardy!, and as is S.O.P. for all sports categories on the quiz show, contestants avoided it—choosing categories like "Corruption Junction" and "This Landfill Is My Landfill" instead. » 12/01/11 11:35am 12/01/11 11:35am

Tony La Russa Brian Billick Appeared On A Game Show Roughly 30 34…

Up until a few weeks before this 1977 appearance on The Match Game, awesomely-jacketed Brian Billick "was playing professional football." The coaches didn't think he was "quite the caliber" that a professional football player should be, though, which is why he still haunts us from the broadcast booth. » 10/22/11 6:30pm 10/22/11 6:30pm

Here's A Breakdown Of The Wheel Of Fortune One-Letter Solve

Last Friday, a Wheel of Fortune contestant solved a prize puzzle with only one letter on the board. The internet exploded with astonishment and conspiracy theories. Esquire's Chris Jones—who's written about phenomenal game-show performances before—broke it down on his blog. » 11/10/10 1:45pm 11/10/10 1:45pm