"Gary's Wife Complains About Fatigue Too": Your College GameDay Signs

Baylor's making its case for selection to the college football "playoff" today as College GameDay's in Waco. Here's the best signs we spotted on today's broadcast: » 12/06/14 11:17am 12/06/14 11:17am

"Harvey Updyke For President": Your Iron Bowl College GameDay Roundup

College GameDay is in Tuscaloosa this morning, and the 'Bama fans brought their best Auburn insults for the occasion. Here are the highlights and lowlights of this morning's signs. » 11/29/14 11:30am 11/29/14 11:30am

"Yale Cites Wikipedia": Your College GameDay Sign Roundup

ESPN's College GameDay crew is in Cambridge this morning for today's decisive Yale-Harvard game, and the Crimson snooty-snoots brought out their best for this morning's show. Here's the top signs that aired on TV today: » 11/22/14 11:15am 11/22/14 11:15am

Tits Out For The Tide: Your College GameDay Sign Roundup

ESPN's College GameDay traveled once again to Tuscaloosa, where a surprising number of Jameis Winston sign-holders were in attendance. You know he beat Auburn, right, Bamafan? » 11/15/14 11:30am 11/15/14 11:30am

Here Are Two Of The Dumbest GameDay Signs You'll Ever See

The above picture, preserved by SB Nation, shows a startlingly large number of peppy Oklahoma State kids posing behind one of the stupidest GameDay signs we've seen—which itself is saying something. Don't they teach you kids nothin'? » 8/30/14 10:10am 8/30/14 10:10am

Hairy Balloon Balls: Your Baylor-OK. State GameDay Sign Roundup

ESPN's College GameDay rolls on to Stillwater this week for Baylor-Oklahoma State, which kicks off at 8:00 pm on ABC. Right now, though, we've got signs. Filthy, disgusting, sweaty signs concerning the Baylor quarterback. » 11/23/13 11:45am 11/23/13 11:45am

This Is How That Jonathan Martin "Pussy" Sign Made It On ESPN

If you want to get a sign on ESPN's College GameDay you have to make it through ESPN security. They screen the signs for religious and political messages and, more generally, anything that could be deemed offensive. One sign that fit the criteria for offensive—the "Pussy" sign with Jonathan Martin's face on it—made… » 11/16/13 12:39pm 11/16/13 12:39pm

Desmond Howard Is Not Impressed: Your Oregon-UW GameDay Sign Roundup

The College GameDay crew is messin' around in Seattle before today's Oregon-Washington kickoff. Let's start the fun. » 10/12/13 12:09pm 10/12/13 12:09pm

Show Us Your Tats: Northwestern-Ohio State GameDay Sign Roundup

The nerds near Chicago are hosting Ohio State tonight and also ESPN's College Gameday this morning. Be sure to grab your dictionary and the, uh, the-other-one-with-the-different-words-that mean-the-same-thing-ary. You'll need them both to get most of these signs. » 10/05/13 10:09am 10/05/13 10:09am

"Billy Ray Should've Pulled Out": Georgia-LSU GameDay Sign Roundup

The Cyrus family continues to play muse to all in this once-great nation. Here we have Miley doing her weirdo licking routine on Georgia wrecking-ball running back Todd Gurley. Later, dad Billy Ray gets some love. » 9/28/13 11:44am 9/28/13 11:44am

"Crap On Me Sam Ponder": Your NDSU-Delaware State GameDay Sign Roundup

We don't know much about our friends up in Fargo, North Dakota, but we are learning every day. For example, today on ESPN's College GameDay from North Dakota State, we learned that they enjoy scat play. Which is nice. For that and so much more, join us in our GameDay sign roundup from The Great North Somewhere Over… » 9/21/13 10:53am 9/21/13 10:53am

Johnny Manziel, The Puppet: Texas A&M-Alabama GameDay Sign Roundup

We find ourselves on yet another Saturday morning cultivating the best efforts of the (mostly) drunken, (mostly) teen-aged minds of those shirking the responsibility and honor associated with higher education for some good fuckin' times. God bless you, you animals. » 9/14/13 11:53am 9/14/13 11:53am

"My GF's Tits 4 Tickets": Notre Dame vs. Michigan GameDay Sign Roundup

We did not have to wait long for the day's winner; dude really wants to get into the Big House. Let's see what else we've got. » 9/07/13 11:30am 9/07/13 11:30am

"Coach Lame Kitten": Your Roundup Of The Best Signs Behind The College…

The college football season is winding down, and with it our College GameDay episodes. Enjoy the best that Los Angeles had to offer. (Click any image to expand it.) » 11/24/12 12:14pm 11/24/12 12:14pm

"Kiffen [Sic] Has Soft Balls": Your Roundup Of The Best Signs Behind…

It was very, very dark in Oregon at the beginning of this Gameday installment, so big shout-out to University of Oregon students for not only being awake, but for having made their signs the night before. » 11/17/12 1:00pm 11/17/12 1:00pm

"Bring Hockey Back": Your Roundup Of The Best Signs Behind The College…

An abridged Gameday sign roundup today, because the Gameday crew was on a boat—what, you can't honor veterans on land?—and there were, as far we could tell, very few college students there with rooting interests. Which made for some weird Gameday signs! » 11/10/12 12:55pm 11/10/12 12:55pm