For Some Reason, Here's A Picture Of Larry King And His Wife Hanging Out With Chan Ho Park And Psy

Why are legendary talk show host Larry King and his wife hanging out with "Gangnam Style" creator Psy and baseball pitcher Chan Ho Park? The noted Dodgers fan clearly likes hanging out with superstar Korean rappers. One swept the world with his hit "Gangnam Style," and the other poked himself in the eye with… »11/20/12 4:45pm11/20/12 4:45pm


The Ohio University Marching Band Doing That Gangnam Style Thing Is Actually Pretty Good

I wanted to hate it, you know? Hot viral microshare reblog blah blah blah. But I also wanted to hate the actual video, and that's obviously the shit, so what can you do? These stupid nerds rocked it. I have nothing mean to say, about this routine, in particular. Good stuff. Looks hard! I hope it gets them all laid… »9/22/12 5:40pm9/22/12 5:40pm