Dictionary Researchers Credit Gary Carter With Popularizing "F-Bomb"

Once again, it's time for the word-lovin' folks at Merriam-Webster to add a few more selections to their growing collection of vernacular. This year, the word "F-bomb" will be included for the first time, along with sexting, energy drink, life coach, and 96 other entries today into its latest print edition. »8/14/12 9:45am8/14/12 9:45am


Here's The Canadiens' Gary Carter Tribute That Didn't Air In The United States

For reasons that baffle the mind, NBC Sports Network elected not to show you this touching tribute to Gary Carter that preceded tonight's Devils-Canadiens game in Montreal. Carter—one of Montreal's true sports legends—was given a hero's au revoir that deserves to be seen by a wider audience, so here it is. [CBC] »2/19/12 7:06pm2/19/12 7:06pm

Fox Sports Typo Has Gary Carter Growing Up In The Great Depression

Presumably it was a typo that gave Gary Carter the birth year of 1926 in Foxsports.com's front page splash, but it's an odd typo considering it's not close to his actual birth year of 1954. An emailer suggests he was confused with professional bowler Don Carter. We wish the Kid had another 28 years of life, but not… »2/16/12 5:40pm2/16/12 5:40pm

Gary Carter Wonders If He Should Let The Mets Know He Wants To Manage Them

Willie Randolph could very well be Art Howe-ing his way out of a job in New York, but what's kind of important is the fact that he still has employment with the Mets. That hasn't stopped Gary Carter, who's currently managing an independent minor league team in California, to start inquiring about whether or not the… »5/24/08 2:20pm5/24/08 2:20pm