The Good, The Bad And The Smugly. Lawless, Reviewed.

1. It is strange to consider the fact that Shia LaBeouf considers Lawless an art film. Only a guy who has spent his adult life standing in front of a green screen while Michael Bay screams "I dunno, just, like, run like crazy, and shit" could consider Lawless some sort of higher, refined form of expression. That is… » 8/28/12 5:25pm 8/28/12 5:25pm

Is Joey Barton’s Mustache An Homage To A Hooligan Movie?

Of course, the answer to the headline question is no, it probably isn't. It could equally be an homage to Freddie Mercury, or the one with the mustache out of Hall and Oates [Ed. It's Oates]. » 8/18/10 2:45pm 8/18/10 2:45pm