No, That Wasn't Gary Sheffield And Dave Stewart Fighting Over A Client

The best story to come out of baseball's winter meetings in Orlando was a fight in the parking lot on Wednesday, reportedly between two agents. It was reported by Yahoo's Jeff Passan, but without the detail we all wanted: Who were the agents? » 12/13/13 10:08am 12/13/13 10:08am

Gary Sheffield Is Now An Agent, And He Wants You To Know That He Still …

If you follow the insane micromovements of the baseball hot stove season, you probably, over the past year or two, had a reaction like the one Hardball Talk had in February. "Apparently, Gary Sheffield is an agent," the headline read. Sheffield had just negotiated a minor-league deal for journeyman knuckleballer Josh… » 10/23/12 9:55am 10/23/12 9:55am

Gary Sheffield Is Full Of Opinions

As we sift through the carnage of yet another Gary Sheffield interview — and the accompanying brilliant Dugout reaction — we take a look back at the quotable career of Gary Sheffield. 100 Percent Injury Rate has compiled some of Gary's greatest hits throughout the years. Here are a few of our favorites: » 6/04/07 12:15pm 6/04/07 12:15pm