Photos: Jeremy Maclin Goes Bowling For Gatorade

Eagles receiver Jeremy Maclin had himself a day in a tough loss, hauling in 12 catches for 187 yards and two scores, and most importantly, completely destroying a sideline Gatorade station. It was pretty great. And Matt Eisenberg was in perfect position to get some fantastic photos. » 10/27/14 10:59am 10/27/14 10:59am

Clayton Kershaw's Powerade Bath, In Extreme Slow Motion

Clayton Kershaw earned a sports beverage shower for his dominant performance in throwing a no-hitter tonight. The beverage looks pretty cold! Here's the moment slowed down to a ridiculous speed. Congrats, Clayton. » 6/19/14 1:45am 6/19/14 1:45am

Actually, LeBron James Was Drinking Gatorade Last Night

Brand fights are the worst of all fights, Gatorade's sustained trolling of LeBron James's cramps due to a supposed lack of proper hydration lacked some pretty key context: James had been drinking Gatorade all night. » 6/06/14 2:13pm 6/06/14 2:13pm

Middle Schooler Puts Bleach In Opponents' Gatorade

A middle school student in Gaffney, S.C., has been disciplined after admitting to spiking an opposing basketball team's Gatorade cooler with a capful of bleach. » 1/29/14 3:21pm 1/29/14 3:21pm

A Granada Player Hit The Ref In The Face WIth A Bottle Of Gatorade…

A late own goal put Granada at further risk of relegation from La Liga and handed Real Madrid—already league champions—a 2-1 win that was followed by a series of red cards and an eventual riot police escort off the pitch for a referee that didn't grant Granada a late corner kick in added time. » 5/05/12 5:09pm 5/05/12 5:09pm

Gatorade Puts NFL Hopefuls Through The Gauntlet

"[LaMichael James] goes on to take a blood test, then hits a treadmill while wearing a freaky gas mask-looking thing, and continues apace for 90 minutes." » 2/05/12 6:03pm 2/05/12 6:03pm

Notre Dame's Rudy Used Scrappy, Undersized Sports Drink Company To Scam…

Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger, the former Notre Dame walk-on whose life became the basis of one of the greatest sports films of all time, has been sued by the SEC for his involvement in a "pump-and-dump" stock scheme for his sports drink company, Rudy Nutrition. » 12/16/11 3:40pm 12/16/11 3:40pm

It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Gatorade

The fancy schmancy Gatorade dispenser that has adorned the home dugout at Wrigley Field this summer is being removed and replaced with a boring old water cooler. Why? Because people can't be trusted to have nice things. » 6/01/09 5:00pm 6/01/09 5:00pm

Harvey Keitel And Derek Jeter, Together At Last

So here's that new Gatorade commercial starring Derek Jeter, John Lackey and the shriveling, dying vessel that once contained Harvey Keitel. We applaud the somewhat innovative ad, but, frankly, we would have enjoyed it much more if, upon spotting Jeter, Keitel had recreated his character from Bad Lieutenant. » 4/24/07 3:30pm 4/24/07 3:30pm