Boxer Orlando Cruz Wins First Fight After Coming Out As Gay

Well this is the feel-good story of the day. The boxer Orlando Cruz announced two weeks ago that he is gay, likely becoming the first boxer to do so during his career. And on Friday, Cruz, the WBO's fourth-ranked featherweight, successfully beat the shit out of Jorge Pazos, winning a unanimous decision. After two… »10/20/12 5:53pm10/20/12 5:53pm

Kris Humphries's Worst Year Ever Culminates In "KRIS IS GAY!" Tabloid Cover

As the year-end lists filter in this month, remember this: Not many people have had a more humiliating year than NBA free agent Kris Humphries. A year ago, Humphries was known as a mediocre pro basketball player who came off a mediocre bench for the mediocre New Jersey Nets. Now, after a 72-day marriage with Kim… »12/08/11 2:55pm12/08/11 2:55pm