The Yankee Bullshitters: What Joe D, Yogi, And Mickey Were Really Like

Last week gave a short post on the late, great Lenny Shecter. Now, for a real taste of his no-bullshit style, here's an excerpt from "The Flower of America" chapter of his 1969 book of essays, The Jocks. » 7/01/13 5:00pm 7/01/13 5:00pm

Stories That Don't Suck: SportsFeat's Guide To The Ballplayer's Twilight

Every Friday, SportsFeat picks a few great weekend reads for Deadspin. In honor of Derek Jeter and his labored quest for 3,000 hits, here are well-told stories of ballplayers just before, in the years after, or at the exact moment they retired. » 7/08/11 4:38pm 7/08/11 4:38pm