Buying Guide: Upgrades For Your Office

You probably spend more time than you'd like to at a desk, and you should spend your money where you spend time. Today we're recommending the best upgrades for your office, with the help of Lifehacker's huge catalog of tips and your recommendations. » 2/10/15 3:16pm 2/10/15 3:16pm

Buying Guide: Gear For Better Sleep

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The Always Up To Date Guide To Amazon Prime Benefits

Amazon has added so many benefits to Prime that they're starting to get hard to keep track of, so we're going to round them up for you, and update this post as new ones roll out. Sadly we can't list drone delivery as a perk just yet. » 1/23/15 3:17pm 1/23/15 3:17pm Sells An NBA Headband For Cheaper Than Does

Reader Zachary had a desire for an NBA logo headband, because he's cool like that. He looked it up at the NBA Store, and found it for $7.99. Then he found it at the MLB Shop, and it's a dollar cheaper. Why? We don't know. Why does sell NBA stuff? We don't know. » 1/10/13 6:15pm 1/10/13 6:15pm

The Official NCAA Online Store Stopped Selling Penn State Gear Today.…

As first discovered by Centre County Report, the PSU College of Communications' news program, the NCAA Shop this morning took down all Penn State merchandise from their site. The Nittany Lions aren't listed among the teams available, and a search for Penn State turns up no results. » 11/13/12 11:35am 11/13/12 11:35am

The NFL Will Fine Alex Smith For Wearing A San Francisco Giants Cap

Alex Smith grew up in La Mesa, outside San Diego, so it's not a surprise he used to wear a Padres cap at postgame press conferences. But Alex Smith used to be terrible, so something had to change. Last year, in the midst of a successful season, he switched to a Giants cap and used it as a good luck charm, donning it… » 9/19/12 5:30pm 9/19/12 5:30pm

Instead Of Nike Gear, Egypt Gave Its Olympic Athletes Chinese Knockoffs

One of the most basic roles of a nation's Olympic committee is to outfit its athletes: clothes, bags, training gear, all that good stuff. Someone at the Egyptian Olympic Committee appears to have outsourced that responsibility to the lowest bidder, because all 117 Egyptian Olympians were given counterfeit Nike gear.… » 7/25/12 3:25pm 7/25/12 3:25pm