Four Things You Can Learn About The NBA By Skimming Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Research Papers

The Sloan Sports Analytics Conference is under way in Boston and, though we sent no intrepid reporters to Dorkapalooza this year, the conference happily made its research paper finalists publicly available on its website. Let's blearily page through and see if we can't learn a few things. (We're focused on the SSAC's… »3/02/13 12:10pm3/02/13 12:10pm


Stat Nerd Better At Predicting Elections Than Predicting The NL East

If you're a seamhead, you know Nate Silver as the Baseball Prospectus geek who has probably forgotten more about algorithms than you and I will ever know. He invented the PECOTA projection system, which predicted Tampa Bay's first 90-win season way back in February when the Devil »11/06/08 10:45am11/06/08 10:45am Rays were still the laughing stock of…