ESPN Reporter On Te'o Story: "Short Of Asking To See A Death…

The other angle to the Manti Te'o drama? The media. More than a dozen news outlets reported about the girlfriend who didn't exist. So, why didn't the likes of CBS News or ESPN or Sports Illustrated find out sooner? » 1/16/13 9:52pm 1/16/13 9:52pm

Remembering The Time Jay Mariotti Got Hazed In The Reds Clubhouse

With Jay Mariotti doing the stations of the cross now, let's take a look back at a demoralizing moment from early in his career. A reader called our attention to the following excerpt from Gene Wojciechowski's 1990 book, Pond Scum and Vultures: America's Sportswriters Talk About Their Glamorous Profession: » 2/18/11 3:25pm 2/18/11 3:25pm