Geno Smith's Fine With The Guy Who Punched Him; Next Question

Bills coach Rex Ryan occasionally likes to choose game captains with an underlying message. Last Sunday, he picked three former Dolphins against Miami. This Thursday, I.K. Enemkpali—the former Jets linebacker who punched quarterback Geno Smith in the face over $600—will be a captain. Today, Smith said he doesn’t take… »11/10/15 4:33pm11/10/15 4:33pm


We Want To Help Geno Smith Settle His Debt, So Here's $600

Linebacker Ikemefuna Enemkpali found himself out of a job Tuesday after he broke New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith’s jaw over, reportedly, a $600 plane ticket. The third-string linebacker came out of the exchange okay, though, quickly getting picked up by the Buffalo Bills. Meanwhile, Smith is in a bad spot: Not… »8/13/15 12:07pm8/13/15 12:07pm

Geno Smith Got His Face Caved In Because He’s A Poor Leader

The moment word got out that Geno Smith had his jaw broken in two places by a teammate, you KNEW there would be takes. You KNEW that a one-sided fight would become twisted into a referendum on Smith’s leadership. And so it has come to pass. God bless you, Jason Whitlock. God bless you, Rich Cimini. God bless you,… »8/12/15 2:42pm8/12/15 2:42pm

Jets Look At QB Depth Chart, Sigh Deeply, Name Geno Smith Starter

The Jets have made a lot of impressive decisions this offseason, and that’s not the setup for a joke. Darrelle Revis came back, the already-fearsome defensive line improved with draft pick Leonard Williams, and they snagged Brandon Marshall for a fifth-round pick. There’s a lot of talent everywhere—except at the… »5/20/15 5:39pm5/20/15 5:39pm

Jurrell Casey Smacks Geno Smith In Head, Sparks Brawl In Jets-Titans

While officials reviewed whether or not Eric Decker stepped out of bounds on his 81-yard touchdown—he did—Jets quarterback Geno Smith and Titans defensive lineman Jurrell Casey chatted. The conversation turned tense quickly, and Casey hit Smith in the helmet, causing other players to join the fracas. »12/14/14 6:18pm12/14/14 6:18pm

Report: Geno Smith Missed A Meeting Because Of A Dumb Team Policy

The New York Jets got stomped to hell by the San Diego Chargers yesterday, and the 31-0 blowout was so bad that Jets starting quarterback Geno Smith was yanked before the start of the second half. Smith's day got even more embarrassing after the game, a report claimed that he'd missed a team meeting on Saturday night.… »10/06/14 11:34am10/06/14 11:34am