Brawling And Boozing With The Rats Of Yankee Stadium

Lasting Yankee Stadium Memories, edited by yours truly, is out in paperback now. To celebrate, here's an essay from the late George Kimball. It's about Yankee Stadium II, Billy Martin, finks and phonies, brawling, and, of course, drinking with Bill "Spaceman" Lee. » 6/20/13 3:47pm 6/20/13 3:47pm

Ryan Glasspiegel runs through sportswriting's reaction to the sad death of the Boston Phoenix, where Charles P. Pierce and Bill Simmons both got their careers started (and where the infamous George Kimball served as a writer and editor for many years). The Phoenix folded yesterday after a 46-year run. » 3/15/13 4:15pm 3/15/13 4:15pm

The Two-Fisted, One-Eyed Misadventures Of Sportswriting's Last Badass

George Kimball hung upside down some 70 feet in the cold Manhattan air, still in need of a cigarette. Well, the doctors had said smoking would kill him, hadn't they? The previous autumn, they had found an inoperable cancerous tumor the size of a golf ball in his throat and given him six months to live. Five months had… » 12/06/11 11:00am 12/06/11 11:00am