George Mason Wins On 75-Foot Buzzer-Beater

Jalen Jenkins rebounded a free throw missed on purpose and launched a 75-footer at the buzzer that helped his George Mason Patriots down Manhattan 64-63 in Fairfax. » 11/29/14 6:44pm 11/29/14 6:44pm

This George Mason Fan Wins The Title For Most Enthusiastic Flipping Of…

We saw this live and didn't think much of it, until several of you insisted we take a second look—and indeed, this is one motivated bird-flipper. George Mason pulled out a close win over Georgia State in last night's CAA tournament quarterfinals, and one assumes there was some animosity between the Patriots and… » 3/04/12 1:36pm 3/04/12 1:36pm

George Mason Won On A Buzzer-Beating Three-Pointer, Too

George Mason downed rival (and reigning Final Four participant) VCU with a Sherrod Wright 30-footer as time expired in a matchup between rivals in what's quietly become one of the NCAA's best college basketball conferences. » 2/15/12 9:36am 2/15/12 9:36am

Because Any Time You Beat The 63rd Best Team In College Basketball, You…

George Mason had a miracle tourney run six seasons ago, didn't receive a single vote in this week's AP Top 25, and are ranked 63rd in KenPom's ratings. Florida Atlantic students apparently didn't get the memo, and stormed the court after their overtime win over the Patriots this weekend. Because you may never get… » 11/22/11 2:30pm 11/22/11 2:30pm

Band Geeks Break Out Rage Against The Machine, Are Cooler Than You

For the final home game of the year, the George Mason pep band busted out their "Killing In The Name Of"/"Bulls On Parade" medley. I bet the woodwinds got so much tail that night. [via DC Sports Bog] » 3/01/11 12:05pm 3/01/11 12:05pm

George Mason's Homecoming Queen Is A Dood (With Video)

What would American revolutionary and founding father George Mason say if he knew that a gay man had been elected homecoming queen at the University that bears his name? Probably: "What's a homecoming queen?" » 2/20/09 4:00pm 2/20/09 4:00pm

George Mason Patriots

1. They've Been There. All right, so "experience" is incredibly overrated; after all, the Mason team that made the Final Four run had none of it whatsoever. But having been there is better than not having been there, right? Still on this team from the '06 run is point guard Folarin Campbell (no relation to Jason), and… » 3/16/08 12:21pm 3/16/08 12:21pm

George Mason Would Make The Final Four, If It Knew Where It Was

You might think it somewhat presumptive that George Mason, fresh off its Colonial Athletic League title, would already be printing Final Four T-shirts. (Act like you've been there before, people! Oh ... wait ...) But if they were to do so, one would think they've at least have the Final Four's right location. » 3/12/08 12:35pm 3/12/08 12:35pm

Cheer, Cheer For Old William And Mary

Anyone who remembers George Mason's amazing run to the Final Four a couple of years ago might find it difficult to cheer against them, but if there's ever a time to, tonight's the night. Because at 7 p.m., their opponent in the CAA Championship Game is William & Mary. And that's amazing. » 3/10/08 5:01pm 3/10/08 5:01pm

Gunston Sleeps With The Fishes

The folks over at The Realests are claiming victory today, saying that they have taken out the mascot of an NCAA Basketball Final Four school in a bloodless coup. We're referring of course to Gunston, the green, furry, Muppet-like creature who until recently was the costumed mascot of George Mason University. The… » 6/07/06 12:45pm 6/07/06 12:45pm

Impressing Scouts By Not Playing At All

While Marcus "New Mexico" Vick continues to sit around and wait for the phone to ring — if you don't think there's a very nervous-looking Atlanta Falcons executive avoiding brother Ron Mexico's calls right now, you're not paying attention — we present you a happy non-drafted free agent story: Jai Lewis, one of the… » 5/01/06 4:15pm 5/01/06 4:15pm

One Depressing Sports Weekend

We don't mean to overstate this, but Saturday was a disappointing an evening for college basketball as we can remember. It's not just that George Mason lost to Florida, or even that they lost so convincingly. Their legend had been secured simply by making it to Indianapolis at all; any mid-major who makes the Sweet 16… » 4/03/06 10:15am 4/03/06 10:15am

Cinderella Mauled By Gator

The lead is 13 with under four minutes to play. I just don't see it happening, Patriots. And you know, I'd be upset about it if you were losing to a less likable team, but I've no issues with Florida. If this was UConn, I'd be pounding my head against the monitor right now. » 4/01/06 8:09pm 4/01/06 8:09pm

Gators vs. Patriots: 11:49, Second Half

I didn't catch much of the halftime, but man... Adam Morrison is hurting. They gave him the Chevrolet Player of the Year, and I think the man is clinically depressed. He looked down, talked softly, had nothing to say, and he hasn't washed his hair in over a month. I feel like writing him a letter and telling him that… » 4/01/06 7:36pm 4/01/06 7:36pm

Gators vs. Patriots: Halftime

I was wrong about the new batch of commercials, by the way. The lame Southwest "Wanna get away?" commercials are back in the rotation, as is that fucking Capitol One angel. » 4/01/06 6:53pm 4/01/06 6:53pm

Gators vs. Patriots: 3:48, First Half

I think I could watch Jai Lewis do just about anything and be entertained. Patient, smooth, controlled, quick... all at 275 pounds. I could probably even be talked into buying a Jai Lewis gay sex tape. » 4/01/06 6:42pm 4/01/06 6:42pm

Gators vs. Patriots: 9:50, First Half

Hey, a Dick Vitale commercial for DiGiorno's. A few minutes ago, I felt like ordering pizza. I was really considering it. I've completely lost the taste for it, though. » 4/01/06 6:29pm 4/01/06 6:29pm