How Can We Live In A Sports World Without George Solomon?

After 21 months of gentle tsk-tsking and slight, bemused wags of the finger, ESPN ombudsman George Solomon said goodbye in his last column yesterday. Surely, he dramatically changed the landscape of ESPN and ... uh ... well ... all right, maybe it was a mostly inconsequential and tame column that never took any real » 3/29/07 1:15pm 3/29/07 1:15pm

Blogdome: An Open Letter To George Solomon

• We thought the most recent column from ESPN ombudsman George Solomon was among the more critical and reasonable ones he's written. Here's a dissenting (and somewhat convincing) view. [Fan's Attic]
• How this year's baseball season is like the 2001-02 NBA season, and how the Mets are like the Nets. [High And Inside]
» 8/03/06 2:15pm 8/03/06 2:15pm