Frat Bro Issues a Damn Good Apology for Rapey 'Rapebait' Email

Last week, a gross, rapey email sent to the entirety Georgia Tech's Phi Kappa Tau fraternity by the house's social chair went viral. Rightfully so; it was a rapey, misogynistic piece of trash that referred to getting women as "luring rapebait." Now, the author of the infamous letter has offered an apology— and a damn… » 10/10/13 4:10pm 10/10/13 4:10pm

Georgia Tech Student Gives Most Impassioned Welcome Speech Ever

This dude right here is named Nicholas Selby, and he has more school spirit than you. This is evidenced by the fact that he welcomed Georgia Tech's incoming freshman class by screaming at them like a lunatic for nearly two minutes, hoping to inspire them toward greatness. He says a lot of inspiring and also kind of… » 8/22/13 2:02pm 8/22/13 2:02pm

Georgia Tech Upset Miami At The Buzzer

Marcus Georges-Hunt missed his initial shot, but followed up the miss with a tip-in as time expired for just his second field goal of the game. The Yellow Jackets won 71-69 in a game that saw the Hurricanes blow an 11-point second-half lead. Miami could have wrapped up outright possession of the regular season ACC… » 3/06/13 11:41pm 3/06/13 11:41pm

Is This Petition The Beginning Of An Athlete Revolt Against The NCAA?

More than 300 football and men's basketball players from major, Division I NCAA programs have added their names to a petition drawn up and circulated by the National College Players Association (NCPA), which is headed by a former UCLA linebacker named Ramogi Hamu. The NCPA solicited player support from five major… » 10/25/11 11:55am 10/25/11 11:55am

Thursday Night Preview: #23 Miami at Georgia Tech

These Thursday night ACC Football previews are starting to have a Groundhog Day » 11/20/08 4:00pm 11/20/08 4:00pm quality about them. (Insert team here) controls their own destiny unless they lose in which case the same scenerio repeats itself again, and again, and again. Shoot me now. This is why we need a college football tsar (of course he'd have…

Take Me Home, Country Load

There isn't a lede in the world that could possibly do this Georgia Tech fan's Gator Bowl experience any justice, so I'll just go right to the recap: » 1/04/07 10:45am 1/04/07 10:45am

And, here's the ..