Report: Terrorists Wanted To Hit Germany-Netherlands Match With 5-Bomb Attack

According to a report in German paper Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, the impetus for canceling Tuesday’s Germany-Netherlands soccer match was a specific threat, discovered by French authorities, that a terrorist group had targeted the event with a coordinated attack involving five bombs. »Friday 12:47pm11/20/15 12:47pm


Decision Not To Evacuate Stade de France During Paris Attacks May Have Saved Many Lives

On Friday, at around 9:15 p.m. Paris time—15 minutes into the France-Germany friendly—a man attempted to enter the Stade de France at Gate D, on the stadium’s east side. Under his clothes he wore a vest packed with explosives and metal bolts, meant to kill and maim as many people around him as he could. There were… »11/16/15 2:05pm11/16/15 2:05pm

Report: Suicide Bomber Tried To Enter France-Germany Game And Was Turned Away By Security

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, one of the attackers who detonated a suicide bomb outside of the Stade de France during last night’s France-Germany friendly had a ticket to the match and attempted to enter the stadium, when stadium security discovered his bomb vest. From the report: »11/14/15 12:42pm11/14/15 12:42pm

The German National Team Slept In The Stade de France Stadium Last Night After The Paris Attacks [UPDATE]

Last night, the Paris attacks touched the Stade de France during a game between Germany and France. At least two bombs went off right outside the stadium full of 80,000 people, which you could hear on the game’s broadcast. French president Francois Hollande was in attendance and was forced to evacuate, but the others… »11/14/15 11:06am11/14/15 11:06am

President Of German Soccer Association Resigns Amid World Cup Bribery Scandal

DFB President Wolfgang Niersbach has resigned from his post today. While he’s maintained his and his organization’s innocence amid allegations that German soccer officials bought votes in order to win World Cup hosting rights in 2006, Niersbach has decided to take “political responsibility” for the controversy. »11/09/15 4:13pm11/09/15 4:13pm

Germany's Explanation For Their World Cup Bribery Scandal Makes No Sense

Last week, the German soccer association (DFB) was rocked by allegations that they had bribed four FIFA executives in exchange for the hosting rights for the 2006 World Cup. Today, the head of the DFB gave a press conference to address the allegations. He did not do much to clear things up. »10/22/15 5:45pm10/22/15 5:45pm

Please Enjoy Bayern Munich Dressed Up And Boozing For Oktoberfest

It’s that time of year again, when all of Bavaria breaks out their finest lederhosen and dirndl skirts, and prepares to lift krug after enormous krug of the finest German beers in celebration of Oktoberfest. Bayern Munich’s players and coaching staff are no exception, and so we have loads of pictures of them squeezed… »9/30/15 3:33pm9/30/15 3:33pm

How The USWNT Finally Figured It Out

After toiling in mediocrity for the whole tournament, with players playing out of position, no organizational structure, and no defined individual roles, the USWNT finally came out last night looking like the World Cup favorites we all thought they’d be. Because of that, we’re left with one question: the hell took so… »7/01/15 12:59pm7/01/15 12:59pm

FIFA Screwed France Out Of The Tournament, And It's Bullshit

Immediately following France’s loss to Germany in the Women’s World Cup quarterfinal, a rightfully frustrated Camille Abily lashed out at FIFA’s seeding protocols. As anyone who bothered to look ahead could see, those teams—probably the two best in the world—were always on a collision course at that early stage in the… »6/29/15 2:05pm6/29/15 2:05pm

French Player Slams FIFA: "They Have To Stop Taking Us For Idiots"

As undeniably awesome as last night’s France-Germany match was, it was complete and utter bullshit that these two teams were forced to meet in the quarterfinals. Far from being an unforeseen, unlucky occurrence, this is exactly as FIFA planned it. And France’s Camille Abily, for one, is none too happy about that. »6/27/15 1:48pm6/27/15 1:48pm

Germany Kill Off Sweden With Sliding Circus Shot Goal

And thus the German machine charges on. Germany dominated Sweden for nearly the entire 90 minutes in the Round of 16, save a brief spell late on when, leading 3-0, Sweden threatened to make a game of it by scoring once and spurning a golden 1 v. 1 with the keeper. Nevertheless, Germany came right back to squelch any… »6/20/15 6:01pm6/20/15 6:01pm