Down With Baseball's Fun Police

As much as I love baseball, no sport gets further up its own ass when it comes to players being allowed to look like they're having fun. Take the bench-clearing brawl in yesterday's Brewers-Pirates game, sparked by Carlos Gomez taking time to admire what he thought was a home run. Words were exchanged, punches thrown,… » 4/21/14 11:16am 4/21/14 11:16am

Pitching Prospect Stops Line Drive With Face

Scary moment last night for Gerrit Cole, the No. 1 overall choice in last year's MLB draft. Cole was making just his second start for the Altoona Curve, the Pirates' Double-A affiliate, when what you see in the video above happened in the first inning. Cole somehow finished the inning by facing three more hitters.… » 6/27/12 3:25pm 6/27/12 3:25pm