No, The Odds Of Picking A Perfect Bracket Aren't 1 In 9.2 Quintillion

Thanks to the Warren Buffett-backed Billion Dollar Bracket, more than ever before, outlets are reporting that the odds of picking a perfect bracket are "1 in 9.2 quintillion." This figure has been cited by The New York Times, USA Today, Slate, Bleacher Report, CBS, and Rick Reilly, among others, and it has to stop. » 3/17/14 11:35am 3/17/14 11:35am

Poll: Lance Armstrong More Popular Than Obama Among America's Youth

In case you haven't been following the news, last week didn't go so hot for Lance Armstrong. He was stripped of 7 Tour de France titles, dropped by his sponsors, and accused of bribery. So how did his reputation stand up? » 10/26/12 2:30pm 10/26/12 2:30pm

Someone In Detroit Wants To Trade His House For World Series Tickets

Here are two things that Detroit has: » 10/24/12 3:17pm 10/24/12 3:17pm

The poster, who has confirmed he is serious, lives in the neighborhood.