Lacrosse Equipment Manufacturer Dishes Out Strong Anti-Title IX Takes

Sure, sure, we're as done with #brand fails as you are, but this is still pretty weak. There was a lacrosse event going on tonight, and whoever's running the Twitter account for Warrior—"one of the sporting goods industry's premier manufacturer of innovative, high performance, cutting-edge equipment, footwear and… » 7/10/14 11:16pm Yesterday 11:16pm

How The World's Best Player Finally Won Over His Home Country

If there was one defining moment to memorialize what might be the tournament that solidifies Lionel Messi's place as the greatest soccer player of all time, it was the few seconds after he scored the game-winning goal in Argentina's first group stage match. The shot itself was a sign of what was to come—not just the… » 7/10/14 3:38pm Yesterday 3:38pm

Donald Sterling's Not Getting Along Nicely With His Wife In Court

Donald Sterling was back in court today against his wife Shelly. His testimony had a few bizarre moments yesterday, and the circus continued today. More importantly, though, there's a strong feeling that this shit won't be over before the NBA Board of Governors meeting on July 15 to approve Steve Ballmer as new… » 7/09/14 10:46pm Wednesday 10:46pm

Luiz Felipe Scolari Falls On His Sword

There's something about a mollywhomping that turns losers philosophical. As if there's no place to hide, no excuses that can possibly be made, and the only way to salvage some dignity is to humble yourself before a world already inclined to be sympathetic. After Brazil's 7-1 defeat at the hands of Germany, Seleção » 7/09/14 9:16am Wednesday 9:16am

Germany Smashed Brazil So Hard It's Good For America

Germany became the first team to score five goals in the first 29 minutes of any World Cup game in history. It ended 7-1, but if we can summon just a touch more jingoistic national sentiment, we say fuck it, cheer for the Germans. They scrubbed America off the wrong side of the record book. » 7/08/14 5:33pm Tuesday 5:33pm

Alfredo Di Stéfano Could Wallop With The Best Of 'Em

It's unfortunate that it can take a great player's death for us to go back and really appreciate what a talent like Alfredo Di Stéfano brought to the sport. That's especially so in America, where the popular notion of soccer involves Brits inventing the game, Pelé and Brazil mastering it, us continuing not to care,… » 7/08/14 12:20pm Tuesday 12:20pm

Reminder: The LeBron Free Agency Circus Is The NBA's Fault

We're watching the rubber band snap on LeBron free agency coverage. We waited all year to see what would happen, and now that it's happening, there's... rather a lot of coverage, isn't there? But remember, whatever hysterics into which teams and Twitter and ESPN have been thrown were created by the owners' best… » 7/07/14 4:49pm Monday 4:49pm

Jürgen Klinsmann: For The USMNT To Improve, MLS Must Improve

It's a promising sign that even after the plaudits the USMNT rightfully received for their unexpected run in Brazil, Jürgen Klinsmann still has both eyes fixed on the real reason he was brought in: To make the U.S. a true contender. In a recent Facebook post, Klinsmann says for that to happen, MLS has to get better. » 7/06/14 1:07pm Sunday 1:07pm