Spain Files Legal Appeal Against Qatar's Winter World Cup

Before Swiss agents rolled up on Zurich’s Baur au Lac hotel, snatched a handful of top FIFA execs, and put in motion the series of events that would culminate in their president’s resignation, soccer’s governing body seemed pretty much omnipotent. That day has changed, thankfully, and people are making moves. » 6/29/15 4:08pm Monday 4:08pm

Arda Turan Wants To Leave Atlético Because The Coach Makes Him Run A Lot

“To earn more for doing less,” Marca’s report on Atlético Madrid’s unsettled Turkish star begins. “It is many people’s dream and among them, apparently, is Arda Turan.” And while the reality of his discontent isn’t quite that tidy, it’s basically accurate. » 6/27/15 5:56pm Saturday 5:56pm

Looking For A Job? Apply To Be The NFL's New Director Of Investigations!

Want to aid the NFL in its quest to rid itself of the scourge that is player misconduct? Ever find yourself shaking your head at the bone-headed mistakes that ruin one of their innumerable faulty investigations? Think you can do better? Then by all means, apply here for the league’s newest position, Director of… » 6/27/15 4:16pm Saturday 4:16pm

French Player Slams FIFA: "They Have To Stop Taking Us For Idiots"

As undeniably awesome as last night’s France-Germany match was, it was complete and utter bullshit that these two teams were forced to meet in the quarterfinals. Far from being an unforeseen, unlucky occurrence, this is exactly as FIFA planned it. And France’s Camille Abily, for one, is none too happy about that. » 6/27/15 1:48pm Saturday 1:48pm

Giancarlo Stanton Reportedly Has Broken Bone In Hand; Everything Sucks

Giancarlo Stanton has been crushing baseballs all season long, smacking out an MLB-leading 27 homers and driving in an MLB-leading 67 runs. So you can understand everyone’s trepidation when he announced some sort of hand injury suffered during yesterday’s game against the Dodgers. And it looks like a bad one. » 6/27/15 9:47am Saturday 9:47am

FIFA's Savior Has Thrown His Hat Into The Ring, And His Name Is Maradona

With all the turmoil surrounding FIFA in recent months and the power vacuum soon to be created once Sepp Blatter finally relinquishes the reins on his Empire, soccer will need a smooth, steady, experienced set of hands to guide the sport out from the pits of controversy and back into the light. And if there’s any one… » 6/22/15 1:23pm 6/22/15 1:23pm

Colombia's Star Player Is Ramping Up The Shit Talk Ahead Of USWNT Game

Colombia aren’t afraid of anybody. They weren’t afraid of France (who they beat in the group stage), they weren’t afraid of England (who they lost to while still looking pretty damn good), and after making it to the Round of 16 and drawing one of the tournament’s favorites, they aren’t afraid of the USWNT, either. » 6/20/15 12:14pm 6/20/15 12:14pm

Why Should LeBron James Let David Blatt Pretend To Be The Coach? has produced a piece of exceptional reporting on Cleveland’s run through the NBA Finals, with reporter Marc Stein coming away from the series with a notebook stuffed full of telling details about how LeBron James not only dragged a raft of corpses within touching distance of a championship, but performed many… » 6/18/15 6:03pm 6/18/15 6:03pm

How To Survive Your Favorite Team's Dumb, Embarrassing Scandal 

St. Louis Cardinals fans have had to deal with everyone heaping shit on their team for awhile now, and at times, they’ve reacted poorly. With yesterday’s revelation of the FBI investigation into team officials hacking the Astros for information, the Best Fans in Baseball should prepare for a new truckload of shit.… » 6/17/15 10:42am 6/17/15 10:42am

Report: FBI Investigates St. Louis Cardinals For Hacking The Astros

The FBI reportedly found evidence that St. Louis Cardinals officials broke into the Houston Astros’ internal database of player personnel information, according to the New York Times. Parts of that database, including updates on trade negotiations, were then published on Deadspin. The bureau has subpoenaed the team… » 6/16/15 11:35am 6/16/15 11:35am