University Of Iowa Baseball Players Haunted By Underwear-Stealing Ghosts

From the Daily Iowan comes the story of six University of Iowa students, all of whom are on the school's baseball team, living in a house that is apparently super haunted. "Oh big deal, what did someone get the chills one night and now they are scared of ghosts?" is something you might be thinking right now. Well… »12/14/12 1:25pm12/14/12 1:25pm

You Can Own A Jar Containing The Ghost Of Bobby Jones For The Low Price Of $1,000

Reader Ben sends us some exciting news. Not only is legendary golfer Bobby Jones currently existing in our world as a benevolent spirit, he is also living comfortably in a glass jar. A glass jar that you can buy on eBay! The starting bid is listed at $500, or the jar can be bought outright for $1,000, and let's be… »10/10/12 10:50am10/10/12 10:50am