Which NFL Rushing Attacks Do The Most With The Least?

Two years ago, sixth-rounder Alfred Morris held onto his roster spot with a strong preseason and went on to break the Redskins single-season rushing yards record. While steals like Morris are rare, they're also instructive. Some teams invest far fewer resources in their rushing attacks without losing much, if any,… » 8/07/14 1:13pm 8/07/14 1:13pm

David Wilson Explores Times Square In A Rabbit Head, For Some Reason

Out to prove Victor Cruz isn't the only gifted dancer on the Giants, David Wilson has posted a new video on his Instagram showing off his moves. Did I mention that he's wearing a rabbit head? » 10/21/13 3:40pm 10/21/13 3:40pm

Chart: Eli Manning Has Started 150 Consecutive Games; We Are Old

Eli Manning made his 150th consecutive start for the Giants this Sunday, completing 18 of 37 passes for 217 yards, one touchdown, and one interception. The excellent New York Times graphics team has put Manning's feat of longevity into historical context, creating an interactive chart that chronicles every QB streak… » 9/30/13 1:40pm 9/30/13 1:40pm

Even Dwight Howard And Hakeem Olajuwon Look Small Next To Yao Ming

We've marveled at pictures of Yao Ming standing next to baby elephants and pint-sized waitresses, but the photo above—brought to us by Lang Whitaker's NBA.com blog—illustrates just how gigantic Yao Ming is like no other photo has before. He looks like he could eat Dwight Howard. » 7/24/13 1:26pm 7/24/13 1:26pm

Barry Zito Has Found Christianity And Guns

In the off-season, Tim Lincecum found a newer, more mature look for himself, and now the Giants other bro-starter has followed suit. Barry Zito, once of "stabbin' cabin" fame, is transforming himself from the poster boy of Bay Area chill to a full red-blooded American. First up: religion. » 4/22/13 3:55pm 4/22/13 3:55pm

This Week's Signs Of The Apocalypse

For nearly two decades, Sports Illustrated has stirred the tea leaves to discern a weekly Sign of the Apocalypse. Deadspin salutes the magazine's ongoing effort to cover the end of times but declines to cede the scoop on the biggest event in world history. » 11/17/12 2:10pm 11/17/12 2:10pm

"World Series Shits To Detroit" Declares Chicago Tribune, Fox News, Et…

Gather ‘round, my little dreamlets. Grandpa's going to sing of the days before every baboon with a wireless connection could vomit up a website and call it news. In those long-forgotten times, human beings would staff publications—magazines and newspapers, chiefly. But as audience habits and advertising money wandered… » 10/27/12 2:50pm 10/27/12 2:50pm

Important: This Was The Worst Play In The History Of Baseball

I was encouraged to see Dan take such a bold stance in even entering the A.J. Pierzynski Groundout Debacle of 2012 as a contender for Worst Play in the History of Baseball™. However, there really is no debate when it comes to this. It was actually another former San Francisco Giant, Ruben Rivera, who unequivocally… » 8/13/12 10:20pm 8/13/12 10:20pm

Before The Giants Ruined The Patriots' Perfect Season, The Perfect…

We're doing a season-long NFL roundtable with our friends at Slate. Check back here each week as a rotating cast of football watchers discusses the weekend's key plays, coaching decisions, and traumatic brain injuries. » 2/02/12 3:00pm 2/02/12 3:00pm

License Plate Guy Hates The Cowboys And Has The Banal Novelty License…

Your morning roundup for Jan. 2, the day we learned you're not that tall. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors. » 1/02/12 9:50am 1/02/12 9:50am

Cool Old Photos Show Willie Mays As You've Never Seen Him, I.E.…

Today, as they tend to do, the LIFE photography archives released a beautiful selection of never-before-seen photographs. The new collection, released 60 years to the day after Willie Mays' major league debut on May 25, 1951, is of the Hall of Famer's earlier years as a professional baseball player. There are many… » 5/25/11 11:00am 5/25/11 11:00am

Beware The Slow-Footed Enormity Of Sun MingMing

There's a new Asian monster stomping through the Japanese leagues and he is the tallest human being ever to play basketball. At 7'9", Sun MingMing is three inches taller than Yao Ming. (No relation.) » 5/29/09 2:05pm 5/29/09 2:05pm