Know Your GIF: This ad-libbed slapping of Hugo the Hornet actually happened six years ago

This is the perfect GIF gag. From the setup (Look out! Somebody warn him there’s a human in that blow-up mascot!) to the action (Boo! JESUS CHRIST! Haha! He fell!) to the reaction (Guy quickly recovers, realizes he still has a blunt object in his right hand, uses it as weapon) to the aftermath (Guy coolly walks away… »10/22/15 9:52pm10/22/15 9:52pm

Why Twitter Can and Will Make GIFs Disappear

You may have heard that Deadspin’s GIFs disappeared from Twitter. And then Deadspin disappeared from Twitter. And then Deadspin reappeared on Twitter. It all seems completely ridiculous, except all of it was a pretty standard blunt-force application of copyright law on the internet. The only unusual part was that… »10/14/15 7:07pm10/14/15 7:07pm