Nats Fans Went A Little Crazy Over Jayson Werth Gnomes

The first fans got in line for Jayson Werth garden gnome giveaway night at about 2:10 p.m., five hours before first pitch and more than two hours before the gates to the ballpark actually opened. That would turn out not to be excessive: gnome night ended up being so popular, some 15,000 Nats fans didn't make it to… »8/06/14 9:23am8/06/14 9:23am

A.J. Burnett Wears A.J. Burnett T-Shirt Like A.J. Burnett

All fans who bother to show for Reds-Pirates tomorrow night will receive this handsome A.J. Burnett T-shirt. Need any more of an incentive? How about this promo featuring A.J. Burnett wearing the shirt, which the gang at Getting Blanked kindly gif'd for everyone. Yeah. That ought to get the good folks in Pittsburgh… »4/11/13 5:40pm4/11/13 5:40pm

This Coco Crisp Bobblehead Does The Bernie, And You Want It

The A's adopted the Bernie Lean as their rally dance last year, and it seems to have been worked. After Coco Crisp introduced the clubhouse to the song (actually, two songs: "Moving Like Berney" by ISA and "Bernie Lean" by ATM & IMD), and adopted the latter as his walk-up music, Oakland went on a late-season tear to… »2/05/13 10:40am2/05/13 10:40am

The Memphis Grizzlies' "Lifetime Supply Of Tater Tots" Giveaway Is A Vicious Lie

The Memphis Grizzlies are running an ostensibly fun promotion that received a write-up in yesterday's Wall Street Journal: instead of cash or a car, the lucky Grizzlies fan randomly selected to take a shot from half-court will get—quote—"a lifetime supply of Tater Tots" from Sonic should the shot happen to go in. What… »12/29/12 5:05pm12/29/12 5:05pm

Who Wants To Publicly Shame Some Gnome-Happy Brewers Fans?

The Brewers and the Milwaukee Parks Department teamed up to hide 1000 of these little Bernie Brewer gnomes along the Lakefront, with the public free to take one if they found it. Well, some folks got there at 3 a.m. and started taking as many as their cars could hold. And of course, they're selling them on eBay. »5/24/11 3:00pm5/24/11 3:00pm