Glen Davis Fined For Kicking Seat Cushion Into Crowd

Glen Davis punted a seat cushion into the stands during a timeout in Sunday's Clippers-Celtics game, and now the forward is out $15,000. Treat those chairs with respect, NBA players. (He got some good distance on it, though.) » 3/31/15 5:30pm Tuesday 5:30pm

"Big Baby" Davis Sat On A Woman's Face

Sitting in the front row at an NBA game must be baller, up until the point when 300-pound Glen "Big Baby" Davis crushes your face with his massive butt. To the GIFs! » 1/26/15 11:12am 1/26/15 11:12am

"David Lee, Bodied By Big Dick Baby"

I'm trying real hard to come up with possible words Bob Fitzgerald, the Warriors play-by-play man for CSN Bay Area, could have said instead of "Big Dick Baby" and I'm coming up short. » 1/01/14 10:54am 1/01/14 10:54am

Glen Davis Carves Turkey With Only His Hands

After Wednesday's win against the 76ers, Glen Davis and Nikola Vucevic carved a postgame turkey to maintain the Magic's tradition. Well, actually, Glen Davis ripped off one of the legs with his bare hands while Vucevic cut off a small piece to white meat to nibble on. Big Baby loves his turkey (and macaroni). » 11/29/13 12:20pm 11/29/13 12:20pm

Glen Davis Loudly And Clearly Tells The Ball To "Get The Fuck In There"

This—and not Carmelo Anthony's spy/Slayer roadie—is the reason parabolic microphones were invented. And the ball listened—it knows what's good for it. » 1/29/13 12:20pm 1/29/13 12:20pm

The Knicks Blew Out The Magic, But The Bigger Surprise Is That Glen…

New York stomped Orlando 108-86 last night in a game that was less close than even that score indicates. But lost in the narrative is a single moment that speaks volumes about love, betrayal, and an uneaten knish. » 3/29/12 9:00am 3/29/12 9:00am

Big Baby Depantses Self, Gets Called For A Technical

Is it depantses or pantses? Or just pants? Whatever it is, Glen Davis did it to himself a la Steve Lyons, and it earned him a technical foul—one about which he's visibly confused. [Sun Sports] » 1/18/12 9:53pm 1/18/12 9:53pm

Big Baby Davis Got Arts-And-Crafty During The Lockout

In this video produced by Glen Davis's marketing company (and via TBJ) we get a look at how Big Baby spent his time off. Knitting, popsicle stick construction, model kits and the like. It's clever, but we're more taken with the rubber-faced Davis's reaction shots. He has a future in silent movies. » 11/29/11 3:05pm 11/29/11 3:05pm

Big Baby Is Struggling Through The Mirror Stage

The last time we checked in on Glen "Big Baby" Davis's development, he had lost track of himself — a classic case of méconnaisance, according to the limited memory I have of my intro to lit theory class. Now, as Danny Ainge declares his annual Boston Armageddon, Davis is confronting new trauma: what will Glen Davis be » 6/22/11 6:30pm 6/22/11 6:30pm

Big Baby Enters The Mirror Stage

Glen Davis had the opportunity this season — after the Celtics traded away Kendrick Perkins and while Shaq enjoys a paycheck and a warm seat as he eases into retirement — to earn real minutes and to anchor the second unit. He tried. He averaged about thirty minutes per game during the regular season, along with 12… » 5/10/11 6:20pm 5/10/11 6:20pm

Ray Allen, Carmelo Anthony Go Down Bloodied; Big Baby Davis Just…

In a chippy game, Ray Allen needed seven stitches after an elbow from Jared Jeffries, and Carmelo Anthony got five of his own after running into Rajon Rondo. Glen Davis? He just wanted someone to kiss his boo-boo like the better players, so he flopped after a phantom elbow. » 3/22/11 10:45am 3/22/11 10:45am

Statistical Proof Of Baseball's Strangest Season Ever

Because no one reads the newspaper, and SportsCenter's anchors are too perky for this early in the morning, Deadspin combs the best of the broadsheets and the blogosphere to bring you everything you need to know to start your day. » 10/28/09 6:30am 10/28/09 6:30am

Chicago: Just Lucky? Or Something More Sinister?

The world probably believes it is witnessing what the sociologist Robert K. Merton calls a "self-fulfilling prophecy." But are we ignoring a blatant conflict-of-interest in the city that gave us Rod Blagojevich? » 4/18/09 2:37pm 4/18/09 2:37pm

In Praise Of The Big Baby

In a way, the undeniably blissful story of George Mason in this year's tournament has taken some focus off what would otherwise being a star-making week for LSU's Glen "Big Baby" Davis. The sophomore center is the type of unique creature almost exclusively associated with college basketball. » 3/30/06 12:15pm 3/30/06 12:15pm