Things Just Got Awkward For The Arizona Coyotes

Two summers ago, moving trucks were standing by to relocate the Arizona Coyotes to Seattle before Glendale City Council passed an eleventh hour deal 4-3 to approve a 15-year, $225 million arena management contract with the team. The vote even drew the attention of the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, which launched… »6/11/15 12:36pm6/11/15 12:36pm

Glendale To Vote On Canceling Coyotes' Arena Deal

Last week, before Game 1 of the NHL Final, commissioner Gary Bettman declared of the Arizona Coyotes that “the club is not going anywhere.” Tonight, during a special session that should begin right around the first intermission of Game 4, the Glendale City Council will vote on whether to kill its controversial lease… »6/10/15 1:34pm6/10/15 1:34pm

What Does Election Day Mean For The Coyotes' Future In Arizona?

Of the scores of ballot measures voted on around the country yesterday, only one has a direct impact on sports. (Not the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington. That's are still banned by the NCAA, and anyway, as we told America's student-athletes, just smoke the synthetic stuff, you probably won't get… »11/07/12 1:46pm11/07/12 1:46pm