Turkish Soccer Fans Injure 25 Police Officers Rather Than Let Visiting Fans Into Their Stadium

No, this is not footage of a coup d'état in Turkey, this is footage of the violence that broke out between soccer fans before the Bursaspor-Beşiktaş game this past Saturday. The Turkish Football Federation had to cancel the game after angry fans rioted, injuring 25 policemen. »5/09/11 5:30pm5/09/11 5:30pm


When European Basketball Fans Get Excited, They Light Their Stadiums On Fire

Here we were thinking VCU fans were having "riots" last week, but they're nothing compared to Panathinaikos BC fans. In this European basketball game last Thursday against Barcelona, Greek basketball fans torched their own stadium. Yes, what you see above is a basketball game — not a race riot. »4/05/11 3:20pm4/05/11 3:20pm