Jonathan Quick Slips A Fan An Autograph From The Bench

This is from a Kings' preseason game in Las Vegas on Oct. 4, with the video only posted online this weekend. It shows L.A. goalie Jonathan Quick surreptitiously passing an autograph to a fan through the glass during pregame introductions, which is a pretty cool thing for a guy seconds from taking the ice to do. » 10/13/14 12:29pm 10/13/14 12:29pm

How Henrik Lundqvist Lugged The Rangers To The Finals

It wasn't so long ago that the Rangers were staring down death, rather than refusing to touch a trophy. Through three-quarters of the postseason, even after getting by the Canadiens with relative ease, they've had to play four elimination games: one against the Flyers, and three in a row against Pittsburgh. No one… » 5/30/14 3:10pm 5/30/14 3:10pm

Now Corey Crawford's Pads Are Missing

Corey Crawford is cursed. The Blackhawks goaltender took to the Soldier Field ice on Saturday in his regular mask, because his custom Stadium Series mask just never showed up. Missing? Stolen? He wasn't sure, and neither were Reebok or FedEx. But now a set of his leg pads have also disappeared from Soldier Field, and… » 3/03/14 1:18pm 3/03/14 1:18pm

Marc-Andre Fleury Did Something Ridiculous

Marc-Andre Fleury turned in the single best glove save of the year so far, absolutely robbing Erik Karlsson and preserving a tie in what would be a 2-1 Penguins OT victory. I can't say enough great things about this save, and the flexibility and reflexes required to snatch that puck out of the air while flopping to… » 2/04/14 10:36am 2/04/14 10:36am

"14 Minutes Of Pissed Off Goalies" Delivers What It Promises

The title of this video is "14 Minutes of Pissed Off Goalies" and that is an accurate and succinct description. It's got it all: NHL, minor league, international hockey and both on-and-off ice fun, too. Tuukka Rask losing his balance, Patrick Roy losing his mind and the great soundbite of Ryan Miller calling Milan… » 1/18/14 9:38am 1/18/14 9:38am

"Stats Not Always Reflect What's Real," Says Beleaguered Goalie-Poet…

The Flyers season may as well have ended yesterday, a 4-1 loss to the Islanders that put Philly's playoff chances at just above five percent. And yet Ilya Bryzgalov sat the night out. That just seems wrong for the man who rarely gets a game off, and has become the symbol of an expensive failure of a Flyers team. » 4/10/13 1:47pm 4/10/13 1:47pm

Poor Dan Ellis Got Freight-Trained, Then Scored Upon

It's not supposed to work this way. Carolina goalie Dan Ellis was just minding his net and his own business, trying to wrest playing time from young Justin Peters in the wake of Cam Ward's MCL sprain. When—bam!—he gets bowled over by Ryan Callahan. Before he can collect himself, or scramble to his skates, Derek Stepan… » 3/19/13 9:37am 3/19/13 9:37am