Keeper Thinks He's Ronaldinho Or Some Shit, Gives Up A Goal While Juggling Ball

Tending goal may be kind of boring compared to the other positions in soccer, but just because you don’t get much time on the ball to show off your tekkers doesn’t mean the answer is to start playing keepy-uppy with a back pass as a man charges you down, as Lincoln City’s Paul Farman learned the hard way.

Keeper Gets Red Card For Snatching Up, Throwing Out Idiot On The Field

You’d think the ref would have more respect for this fed up keeper who hunts down a pitch invader, grabs him by the back of the shirt, and marches him off the field like a put-upon teacher escorting an unruly student to the principal’s office, but instead of thanks, Mohamed Sokhra only received a red card for his…

Tim Howard Retracts Book Claim That Brad Friedel Tried To Sabotage Him

Tim Howard has announced that he will alter future editions of his just-published book, in response to Brad Friedel's complaint that the book unfairly and inaccurately claims that Friedel attempted to block Howard's move to the Premier League. This decade-old goalkeeper feud still burns brightly, apparently.