Tim Howard Retracts Book Claim That Brad Friedel Tried To Sabotage Him

Tim Howard has announced that he will alter future editions of his just-published book, in response to Brad Friedel's complaint that the book unfairly and inaccurately claims that Friedel attempted to block Howard's move to the Premier League. This decade-old goalkeeper feud still burns brightly, apparently. » 12/17/14 8:54am 12/17/14 8:54am

Messi Vs. A Robot Goalkeeper: Who Ya Got?

When the Robot War comes, there's a very good chance it will go to penalties. In that case, we will call on humanity's greatest goalscorer. But the machines have picked their champion: RoboKeeper. All hail RoboKeeper. » 4/08/13 3:19pm 4/08/13 3:19pm