Padres Invite Navy Spouse To Sing, Err, Lip Sync "God Bless America"

It's Military Spouse Appreciation Day in San Diego; the Padres are in their usual Sunday camo and a special 7th-inning message from deployed Navy sailor Joseph Dale was featured on the scoreboard. Following that message, Dale's wife Caroline sang "God Bless America." Except it's pretty clear she wasn't singing it at… »5/05/13 6:58pm5/05/13 6:58pm

Here Is A Terrible Performance Of "God Bless America" By A Woman Wearing The City Of San Francisco On Her Head

The Beach Blanket Babylon is one of this country's longest-running and best-known musical revues, and features performers who wear ridiculous hats. These performers regularly make appearances singing at San Francisco Giants games, so nobody was too surprised when the company's Misa Malone arrived onfield to sing… »10/21/12 10:08pm10/21/12 10:08pm

How Bobcat Goldthwait Became A True Artist Of Independent Cinema. (Seriously.)

Bobcat Goldthwait, in almost every possible fashion, belongs on the list of those creatures who could only have come of celebrity age in the '80s, along with Emmanuel Lewis, Grace Jones, and Dr. Ruth. When the highlight of your popularity is that you were the star of the second through fourth Police Academy movies,… »5/08/12 2:35pm5/08/12 2:35pm

Cops Tell Different Tale About Fan Who Was Ejected Over "God Bless America"

The above video is of Yankee Stadium God-dismissing, anti-American Brad Campeau Laurion who enlightened us »8/29/08 1:45pm8/29/08 1:45pm (and, seemingly, hundreds of other media outlets) about being forcibly escorted out of Yankee Stadium Tuesday night after he tried to go to the bathroom during the traditional 7th-inning rendition of "God Bless…

So, Yankee Stadium Takes This No Moving During "God Bless America"-Thing Rather Seriously

Remember a little more than a year ago when George Steinbrenner, inflated with patriotic fervor, imposed a laughable rule that instructed security officials to ban anyone from "excessive movement" during the 7th inning rendition of "God Bless America »8/27/08 3:15pm8/27/08 3:15pm." Granted, most New Yorkers seemingly abide by it, but sometimes the…