Kill All Humans, Or At Least Mute Them: Godzilla, Reviewed.

1. The go-to example for critics complaining about big-budget summer blockbusters today—and how they've devolved from some past, theoretical peak—is Steven Spielberg's Jaws. One of that 1975 film's many genius innovations was to hold off, as long as possible, on ever letting us see the shark. The movie took its time,… »5/16/14 11:21am5/16/14 11:21am

Worst Godzilla Ever: Why Japan Hated (And Murked) The '98 U.S. Remake

If you hated what Joel Schumacher did to Batman with 1995's Batman Forever and (especially) 1997's Batman & Robin, the Christopher Nolan trilogy that followed didn't just offer good movies; they were cathartic release, a reclamation. This buffoon had taken one of the great characters in the American pop-culture… »5/12/14 1:34pm5/12/14 1:34pm