Florida State, Vanderbilt, And Michigan State Are Going Dancing, But They Would Have Been Anyway

This brings to a close our series highlighting teams celebrating their conference championships, and like most televised entertainment, it comes to a somewhat anticlimactic end. Sure, FSU won the ACC for the first time ever, and Vanderbilt won the SEC tournament for the first time since 1951 (though there were… »3/11/12 5:51pm3/11/12 5:51pm


Division III Basketball Team's Leading Scorer Chooses Spring Break In Cancun Over Sweet 16 Game

The King's College Lady Monarchs booked their tickets to a women's NCAA Division III Sweet 16 game this weekend against Emmanuel in Amherst, Mass. But senior forward Paige Carlin, the team's leading scorer (11.4 ppg), already had tickets—to Cancun for Spring Break. This is going dancing in the original sense of the… »3/08/12 5:45pm3/08/12 5:45pm

Harvard Is Going Dancing Too, Though They Were Studying When They Found Out

There's no video of Harvard celebrating winning the Ivy League (which has no postseason tournament) and thus earning their first ticket to the NCAA Tournament since 1946. That's because it happened last night when Princeton beat Penn, and Harvard players were in the library studying for midterms. (They had a low-key… »3/07/12 11:45pm3/07/12 11:45pm