Jamie Vardy's Wondrous Volley Is One Of The Best Goals You'll See All Year

Yes, this is video of Jamie Vardy—who, despite all odds is still the Premier League’s leading scorer—sizing up a visionary pass by Riyad Mahrez—still one of the most dangerous players in all of England—and instead of doing the sensible thing and taking a touch to figure out what to do next, straight banging the ball…

Kevin Mirallas Finishes Off Gorgeous Play To Give Everton 2-0 Road Lead On Chelsea

After a John Terry own goal gave Everton a 1-0 lead at Stamford Bridge, the Toffees scored one for themselves on a terrific half-volley from Kevin Mirallas off a, perhaps, sub-optimal cross by Leighton Baines. No matter; it only allowed Mirallas the opportunity to show up marvelous control.

Here's The Best Goal So Far Of This Ridiculous Liverpool-Arsenal Game

Liverpool are hosting Arsenal in the Premier League right now, and it already feels like a classic. There have been four goals in the first 25 minutes, and it’s tied at two. The best one, though, was this here golazo from Liverpool striker Firmino, which is very sexy indeed, and already his second on the day.

Exeter City Take 2-1 Halftime Lead On Liverpool Thanks To Stoppage-Time Olimpico

Lee Holmes delivered a goal direct from a corner during first-half stoppage time to give the fourth-division squad a 2-1 lead over Liverpool headed into the half. It’s a strike that most competent keepers would have punched away, but Liverpool’s Adam Bogdan is having another one of his patented awful appearances.

How On Earth Did Neymar Pull Off This Spinning Backheel Assist?

Technically this little flick didn’t quite come off the way Neymar intended, but he definitely meant for that ridiculous touch to redirect into Luis Suárez’s path, and holy shit, can you imagine having such otherworldly talent that even when your unbelievably audacious moves don’t work exactly right, they still end up…


Italian Striker Celebrates Goal With A Nice, Refreshing Beer

Empoli’s Massimo Maccarone is really old. At 36 years old, you imagine the mere act of getting up in the morning, heading to the stadium, going through warmups, and playing a grueling match has to wear on him. So far be it from anyone to judge him for celebrating his overcoming of the odds—not only has he whipped his…