Spokesperson: The NFL Has No Policy On Urination

NFL spokesperson Greg Aiello told New York's Daily News the league has no policy regarding players urinating on the sidelines, an issue that drew headlines Sunday as CBS cameras caught Chargers kicker Nick Novak relieving himself late in San Diego's loss to the Denver Broncos. » 11/29/11 1:15pm 11/29/11 1:15pm

Tonight On 60 Minutes, CBS Investigates How Kickers Pee On The Sidelines

When nature calls, you have to answer—even as your game's about to head to overtime, as Chargers kicker Nick Novak learned late in San Diego's matchup today with Denver. CBS just happened to choose that moment to discuss Novak's, er, exploits, and caught him in the most private of moments. [CBS] » 11/27/11 7:21pm 11/27/11 7:21pm