Steph Curry Atones For Turnover With Highlight Reel Steal And Alley-Oop

When any normal team goes down double digits early in the first quarter on the second night of a back-to-back, it looks like a schedule loss is imminent. When every one of your opponents wants to be the one to issue you your first defeat, you’re going to get a tough game every night. But the Warriors, fresh off a… »Saturday 11:30am11/21/15 11:30am

Draymond Green Throws Spectacular No-Look Inbounds Pass While Arguing With Ref

If you thought the 8-0 Golden State Warriors couldn’t get any better, think again. During Monday night’s 109-95 victory over the Detroit Pistons, Draymond Green unveiled a never-before-seen no-look inbounds pass, made even more impressive by the fact that he pulled it off while arguing with the referee. This is the… »11/10/15 2:06am11/10/15 2:06am

The Clippers Are Good, But The Warriors Were Better

Wednesday night’s contest between the Warriors and Clippers was more hyped than some playoff games, a highly anticipated match-up considering it was an early November game. They were two of the three remaining undefeated teams in the NBA, and spent the offseason engaged in a heated war of words, the continuation of … »11/05/15 2:08am11/05/15 2:08am

Warriors Top Grizz, 119 To—Wait, I'm Pretty Sure This Is A Video Game Score

There’s been a terrible mistake. The AP, ESPN, even the NBA itself—they’re all recording the final score of last night’s Warriors-Grizzlies game as a 119-69 win for the Warriors, but clearly that is the score of some kid’s video game. I mean, ha ha, 119-69, get the fuck outta here, who would even believe that shit. »11/03/15 10:27am11/03/15 10:27am

Harrison Barnes Dunks On Dwight Howard, Everyone Freaks Out

Harrison Barnes has a habit of pummeling centers on big dunks like this one here. He laid down a real hammer over Nikola Pekovic of all people a few years ago, and is generally fearless about challenging big guys in the paint. Our latest victim is Dwight Howard, who got caught in that unenviable no-man’s land between… »10/31/15 10:49am10/31/15 10:49am

Warriors Beat Reporter's Blog Posts Appear To Be Copy And Pasted From Press Releases

Earlier tonight, the Columbia Journalism Review reported that the San Francisco Chronicle’s reporter on the Golden State Warriors beat, Rusty Simmons, had been suspended by the paper after writing a news story on the Warriors’ purchase of land for their new arena that was copied almost entirely from a Warriors press… »10/14/15 12:15am10/14/15 12:15am

Goodbye Jason Richardson, Thanks For Making Me Fall In Love With The Warriors

The turn of the century was a bleak time to be a Warriors fan. Really, besides a few good Run TMC seasons in the early 1990s, any of the 30 years between 1977 and 2006 was a bleak time to be a Warriors fan. But in the opinion of this fan—who can first remember listening on the radio as the Warriors got mollywhopped by… »9/24/15 2:42am9/24/15 2:42am

Here's What Happened With Floyd Mayweather's Crew At That Warriors Game

Earlier this week, Oakland police’s records department said that the investigation into a possible fight between a member of Floyd Mayweather’s entourage and a woman at a Golden State Warriors playoff game was still open, and sent along a paltry, almost completely redacted incident report. So I asked the department’s… »7/29/15 9:58pm7/29/15 9:58pm

What Happened With Mayweather's Crew At That NBA Game? Cops Won't Say 

More than two months ago, TMZ reported that a member of Floyd Mayweather’s crew got into a fight with a woman at a Golden State Warriors playoff game. According to the website, the woman was heckling Mayweather and his entourage, then “allegedly struck” one of them with a Thunder Stick. Mayweather’s people told TMZ… »7/27/15 10:32pm7/27/15 10:32pm

Marshawn Lynch Embraces Draymond Green's Mom For Talking "Real Shit"

Oakland native and Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is on the premises for today’s Warriors NBA title celebration, and somehow ended up live on CSN with Dramond Green’s mother. Lynch was so moved by Ms. Babers-Green that he risked his own mother’s disapproval and hugged the Warriors forward’s mom, lauding… »6/19/15 2:50pm6/19/15 2:50pm