The Lakers' Pyrrhic Victory Lays Bare The NBA's Flawed Incentives

With the game tied 111-111 with 0.7 seconds left in overtime, the Lakers' Jordan Clarkson made a layup to defeat the 76ers. Clarkson was the 46th pick in the draft, sandwiched between two guys named Dwight Powell and Russ Smith. Both Powell and Smith have already been traded—in Powell's case three times—and have… » 3/31/15 12:26am Today 12:26am

Chill Dude Crashes Warriors Postgame Show, Does "Electric Zombie" Dance

This happened after Friday's game between the Pelicans and Warriors, but it was just brought to our attention by a friend of the hairy, dancing gent in the clip above. I become more and more jealous that I am not a Warriors fan with each passing day. » 3/24/15 1:01pm 3/24/15 1:01pm

Steph Curry Is Beyond Reproach

Steph Curry's statistical output from his last two games isn't anything to freak out over—22 points and seven assists against Dallas on Friday, followed by 12 points in four assists against the Clips on Sunday—but in each of those games he made plays that should have led anyone who saw them to one conclusion: Steph… » 3/09/15 10:54am 3/09/15 10:54am

Draymond Green Roasts Dahntay Jones After Jones Bumps Him

The Warriors beat the Clippers 106-98 today, but the most intriguing part of the game happened after the final buzzer, when Dahntay Jones bumped Draymond Green during Green's postgame interview. » 3/08/15 8:45pm 3/08/15 8:45pm

No Big Deal, Just Stephen Curry Dishing Another Unbelievable Pass

Stephen Curry completes passes that nobody else even thinks of. A fake behind-the-back to offhand wraparound pass isn't something you see every day, or any day. Watch Draymond Green sitting on the three-point line and Klay Thompson diving into the paint behind a ball-watching Monta Ellis, and on another day you… » 3/07/15 11:08am 3/07/15 11:08am

LeBron James And The Scary Cavaliers Put A Beatdown On The Warriors

The Cavaliers played the Warriors tonight in what was billed as a potential Finals preview. If that is indeed what it was, the Cleveland Cavaliers will win the NBA Finals 4-0. » 2/27/15 12:21am 2/27/15 12:21am

Stephen Curry Goes Coast-To-Coast & Around The World

Like Casey Kasem on American Top 40, Stephen Curry took a Spurs turnover coast-to-coast and around the world for a layup that absolutely delighted ESPN Deportes announcers Fernando Álvarez and Pablo Viruega. » 2/21/15 12:08am 2/21/15 12:08am

Did This Comments Section Nostradamus Predict The Warriors' Season?

Most internet commenters are dumb, and you're better off never venturing into the comments section. A lot of the Deadspin staff subscribes to the Cigarette Theory of internet comments, which states that reading an internet comment is akin to smoking a cigarette. It's fine if you do so sparingly, but reading dozens a… » 2/12/15 9:41pm 2/12/15 9:41pm

Steph Curry Has A Steph Curry Game

If you thought anything at all like "this Warriors-Mavericks game tonight isn't worth staying up late for," you should immediately smack yourself in the head. Hard. It has been true for at least a season now, but the point was driven home especially forcefully tonight: The Golden State Warriors are always worth your… » 2/05/15 1:48am 2/05/15 1:48am

What The Hell Did Stephen Curry Just Do With This Pass?

The headline isn't an attempt at hyperbole but a legitimate question. I've watched this on replay four or five times now and I still can't figure out how Steph Curry smoothly pulled this off. I'm sitting on my couch trying to swing an imaginary ball from my left hand to my right and then over my shoulder to the dog… » 1/28/15 12:30am 1/28/15 12:30am

Klay Thompson's Third Quarter In Sight And Sound

What Klay Thompson did during the third quarter last night boggles the mind. Thirty-seven points on 13-13 shooting, 9-9 from three? A few of the shots—the one from five feet behind the three-point line and the one where he just sorta flung it up while covered in the corner come to mind—would have been terrible… » 1/24/15 11:40am 1/24/15 11:40am

Watch Klay Thompson Score 37 Points In 37 Seconds

Klay Thompson demolished the NBA record for points in a quarter when he put up 37 in the third tonight against Sacramento. Here's all 37 of the Warriors sharpshooter's record-setting points in one 37-second video. » 1/24/15 1:18am 1/24/15 1:18am

Draymond Green Is A Taunting Goon, And He's My Favorite NBA Player

A lot of Golden State Warriors players are goons. Andrew Bogut is a goon. David Lee is a goon. Draymond Green is a goon. Steph Curry and Klay Thompson might run the most beautiful offense in the league, but the Warriors' goonery is an important component of their league-leading defense. But they've been so good… » 1/22/15 10:40pm 1/22/15 10:40pm

Harrison Barnes Forces Revision To The Definition Of A Shabazz Assist

Last week I introduced the Shabazz Assist, a revolutionary new statistic that properly credits a player for missing dunks that "ricochet perfectly to an open teammate in the corner." But like any forefront in advanced analytics, the Shabazz Assist remains a work in progress, and in hindsight its parameters were too… » 1/14/15 11:53pm 1/14/15 11:53pm

Mark Jackson Returned To Oracle Arena And Threw Shade: An Explainer

The Golden State Warriors took on the discombobulated, LeBron James-less Cleveland Cavaliers last Friday and beat them soundly. Even more interesting than the game on the floor was what was happening on press row, where ESPN's Mark Jackson was working his first Warriors game since being fired as their head coach in… » 1/14/15 8:35pm 1/14/15 8:35pm

The Golden State Warriors Are Having The Most Fun

One of my favorite things that happens in the NBA is when a talented team reaches a point where every guy, from the stars to the benchwarmers, begins to understand just how damn good they have it. The Golden State Warriors, currently sporting a 30-5 record, are squarely in that zone. » 1/14/15 10:05am 1/14/15 10:05am

Goddamn, Steph Curry Is Amazing

There may not be a better ticket in sports right now than the Golden State Warriors, and that has a lot to do with the fact that Steph Curry is liable to do something that will leave you slack-jawed and drooling on any given night. » 1/06/15 9:48am 1/06/15 9:48am