The Selection Committee Really Boned This Tournament

Gonzaga, the first top seed: gone. Oregon a ridiculous No. 12 seed "upset" Saint Louis. Perennial-choke-artist Georgetown a No. 2 seed: out. Perennial-choke-artist Pitt even in the field of 60-whatever. The selection committee is totally screwing up the the bracket. » 3/24/13 9:51am 3/24/13 9:51am

The 13 Most Annoying Men Of March Madness

We've done enough loving on March Madness this week. March Madness is a wonderful time of the year, but it is also to be hated on: The fluffy mascots dancing around like they own the place, the pepped-out pep squads cheering like they actually believe in something, the crabby coaches, the clueless announcers, and the… » 3/21/13 11:20am 3/21/13 11:20am

How To Ace That Interview You Have With A Gonzaga Alum

If you are not already turned off by the lousy job prospects and insane expense, what you are about to read will turn you off from that silly "maybe I'll go to law school" thought you had. This is what it does to you. It destroys yo until you become some insane, ambitious robot walking around talking, but not really… » 1/28/13 11:54pm 1/28/13 11:54pm

You Probably Shouldn't Trust SportsNation About Sports Betting

So the Old Spice Classic hasn't happened yet. It starts on Nov. 22, Thanksgiving, with West Virginia, Gonzaga, Davidson, Clemson, Marist, UTEP, Oklahoma, and Vanderbilt battling to win all the deodorant. ESPN polled its loyal subjects, and they like West Virginia to win. But why, oh, why? » 11/14/12 2:45pm 11/14/12 2:45pm

Adam Morrison Gets Thrown Out Of A Game In Serbia, Where He Is Playing…

For today's edition of Former College Hoops Sweathearts: Where Are They Now?, we're checking in with former Gonzaga star and former No. 3 overall pick Adam Morrison. » 10/07/11 10:40am 10/07/11 10:40am

Lacrosse Hail Mary Video Makes Me Interested In Lacrosse For A Hot…

Gonzaga (HS in DC) clinched their conference title with a length-of-the-field hurl with 10 seconds left. I like this a lot more than those indoor lacrosse league that try to sell me on the fighting. » 5/10/11 10:55am 5/10/11 10:55am