"Good Job, Good Effort" Kid Identified As World's Best Miami Heat Fan

Nine-year-old Jack Meyer of Coral Gables, Florida, is not, to some's chagrin, the world's trolliest troll of a Celts fan. He's actually an insanely upbeat Heat fan, and that's kind of awesome. NBC Miami interviewed the youngster earlier today to try and get a sense of what it was like to become the web's meme du jour. »6/06/12 8:25pm6/06/12 8:25pm

The Miami Heat's "Good Job, Good Effort" Kid As Heard Throughout History

He was there to tell Napoleon "Good job!" when the Little Emperor invaded Russia. He called the 1962 Mets season a "good effort." The young Heat fan who so enthusiastically endorsed his team's performance after last night's loss to the Celtics is no stranger to momentous occasions—in sports or otherwise. Here's a… »6/06/12 4:20pm6/06/12 4:20pm