The Washington Redskins Don't Understand How Cyber Monday Works

It's Cyber Monday, which means that deals can be found all over the web for people more interested in shopping at their desk than doing work. The Redskins have a Cyber Monday deal today, too, but they don't quite understand how the "cyber" part is supposed to work. » 12/01/14 2:14pm 12/01/14 2:14pm

Maine TV Anchor Reports Last Night's Heat-Celtics Game Four Ended In A…

Portland, Maine, isn't exactly a small television market. With a Nielsen DMA rank of 78, it's solidly mid-sized, amongst the Toledos and Omahas of the TV landscape. Regardless, stations sometimes find themselves shorthanded on the weekends—which appears to have happened at Portland's ABC affiliate WMTW last night,… » 6/04/12 2:00pm 6/04/12 2:00pm