Google Translating WBC Coverage: The Medieval War's Pitchers Can Not Stop Cuba's Gunfire

Cuba demolished Chinese Taipei on Saturday, eliminating Taiwan from the World Baseball Classic, by a score of 14-0. three Cuban pitchers held Chinese Taipei to just three hits. The game ended under the mercy rule in the seventh, following an eight-run sixth inning for Cuba. According to Google Translate, The China… »3/10/13 2:19pm3/10/13 2:19pm


Google Translating World Baseball Classic Coverage: "The Shortstop, Jimmy Rollins Hit Embazó With The Forest Law"

Last night, the U.S. played its first game in this year's World Baseball Classic, and we learned a number of things: 1. America's official language is English, 2. The best the U.S. can do for an ace in an international competition is a kuckle-balling 38-year old, and 3. "With people on the pads, Luis Cruz drove the… »3/09/13 12:15pm3/09/13 12:15pm

Andrea Bargnani Calls The Raptors "Pretty Much The Worst NBA Team," Which Is Pretty Much True

Andrea Bargnani did an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, an Italian newspaper dedicated to sports, in which he said some harsh words about the objectively awful team that employs him. Raptors coach Dwane Casey cautioned the press not to blow what might be a mistranslation out of proportion, explaining to CBC… »12/15/12 2:20pm12/15/12 2:20pm