Delonte West Earned A Technical Foul For Giving Gordon Hayward A Wet Willie

Delonte West's been a source of our amusement for some time, but his antics have run him afoul of the law—and NBA referees—more often than not. He somehow escaped ejection for tonight's shenanigans, in which he shoved a finger in Jazz swingman Gordon Hayward's ear in the second quarter of the Dallas-Utah game in… »4/16/12 11:04pm4/16/12 11:04pm

Gordon Hayward Is Just Playing StarCraft All Summer

Without organized workouts, NBA players have to be creative to stay in shape this offseason. Some guys are touring China. Others are playing rec league ball. Still others are just going to their local gym every day, shooting jumpers and practicing their crossovers until the sun goes down. Then there's Utah's Gordon… »9/08/11 12:45pm9/08/11 12:45pm