Gore Vidal Has Been Dead For Two Years—So Where Are His Remains?

The opening scenes of The United States of Amnesia, the new Gore Vidal documentary, find the protagonist, back when he was still somewhat vital, hanging out in Rock Creek Cemetery in Washington D.C., resting place of Supreme Court justices and ambassadors and various other worthies. At one point, Vidal—who planned … »6/17/14 1:02pm6/17/14 1:02pm


Gore Vidal's First Love: The Baseball Star Turned War Hero

As of Wednesday morning, administrators at Rock Creek Cemetery in D.C. hadn't heard yet whether Gore Vidal would actually be filling the burial plot he reserved there for himself some years ago. But Vidal, who died yesterday in Los Angeles at 86, has a couple reasons to get shipped back to his boyhood hometown one… »8/02/12 8:15am8/02/12 8:15am

Gore Vidal's Myra Breckinridge Became One Of The Weirdest Movies Ever Made

Gore Vidal died yesterday, and though he appeared as an actor in a few movies—he played a professor in With Honors, an evil futuristic fellow in Gattaca and, most memorably, as Tim Robbins' lefty opponent in Bob Roberts—he'll be remembered, in a movie sense, as the guy responsible for Myra Breckinridge. »8/01/12 5:16pm8/01/12 5:16pm