Witness: Joe Paterno Would Say Jerry Sandusky “Was A Sick Guy”

The preliminary hearing for the three Penn State administrators accused of covering for Jerry Sandusky began this morning in Harrisburg, Pa. Mike McQueary, the former PSU assistant coach who saw Sandusky sexually abusing a boy in a football building shower in 2001, was the first witness. During his testimony, which… »7/29/13 2:17pm7/29/13 2:17pm

The judge who let Penn State's lawyer into the grand jury room says whether that decision should spo

The judge who let Penn State's lawyer into the grand jury room says whether that decision should spoil the criminal case against the three university administrators accused of covering for Jerry Sandusky is not his call. Also, the trials for those three administrators probably won't take place until next year. »4/10/13 3:26pm4/10/13 3:26pm

A Guide To The New Criminal Charges Against Penn State Officials Who Allegedly Covered Up For Jerry Sandusky

The first 20 or so pages of the grand jury presentment charging Graham Spanier and two other Penn State administrators with allegedly covering up for Jerry Sandusky is mostly a rehash of the emails, handwritten notes, and other documents contained in the Freeh report. But starting on Page 20—holy shit—here come the… »11/01/12 4:51pm11/01/12 4:51pm

Report: Former Penn State President Graham Spanier To Face Criminal Charges Today [UPDATED]

Graham Spanier, the Penn State president fired last November in the wake of Jerry Sandusky's arrest, will be charged with perjury and obstruction of justice in connection with the Sandusky case, according what sources told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The Pennsylvania attorney general's office is expected to announce… »11/01/12 11:22am11/01/12 11:22am

Here Is Former Penn State President Graham Spanier's Response To The Freeh Report

As we told you yesterday, former Penn State president Graham Spanier launched a media offensive that began with a press conference during which his lawyers excoriated the Freeh report and its findings. Later, the New Yorker published a Q&A with Spanier, and Josh Elliot did an interview with Spanier that aired last… »8/23/12 1:45pm8/23/12 1:45pm

Press Conference By Lawyers For Former Penn State President Graham Spanier Was An Exercise In Bullshit

As expected, the blame-shifting from those at Penn State implicated by the Freeh report has begun. Lawyers for Graham Spanier, the university president fired last November in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal, held a press conference in Philadelphia this morning to try and explain their client's side of the… »8/22/12 3:50pm8/22/12 3:50pm

Penn State's Former President Says He Was Abused As A Child, Too

The Paternos aren't the only ones furiously pleading someone's innocence in the Jerry Sandusky matter. Former PSU president Graham Spanier has now sent a letter to the school's board of trustees that accuses the Freeh report of being biased. The Patriot-News of Harrisburg obtained the letter, which includes this… »7/23/12 7:05pm7/23/12 7:05pm

Report: Penn State President Passed On Sweeping Reforms In 2004

The entire Penn State/Jerry Sandusky scandal is sickening in every way, but any time phrases like "could have prevented" get thrown around makes the whole thing especially horrifying, and ESPN's Don Van Natta Jr. has uncovered one of those very stories, dropping a bombshell tonight that in 2004, then-Penn State… »7/17/12 11:10pm7/17/12 11:10pm

When Current PSU President Rodney Erickson Bent The Rules For Jerry Sandusky

On November 9, the same day Joe Paterno was fired and students rioted in the streets of State College, the Penn State Board of Trustees removed school president Graham Spanier. In his place they appointed Provost Rodney Erickson as interim president. A week later, they removed the "interim" tag. Just two months after… »7/12/12 4:35pm7/12/12 4:35pm

The 10 Most Appalling Revelations About Graham Spanier, And Why He Could Be The Next One Charged

The majority of attention given to today's Freeh Report has centered on figuring out Joe Paterno's role in allowing Jerry Sandusky to go unstopped. But the most actively nefarious character—other than Sandusky himself—in the commission's story is former university president Graham Spanier. Even before today's news, … »7/12/12 3:56pm7/12/12 3:56pm

In 1998, Jerry Sandusky Told State Officials And University Police That "He Had Done This With Other Children In The Past"

Allegations of Jerry Sandusky's abuse date back to 1994, but it was only in 1998 that one came to the attention of Penn State officials, and more importantly, the state child services department and University police. On May 3, Sandusky called up the home of the then-11-year-old (the one who would later testify that… »7/12/12 12:55pm7/12/12 12:55pm

The Second Mile Took No Action After Being Informed Of Sandusky's 2001 Shower Incident

In a statement in November, the Second Mile attempted to address what they had known about Jerry Sandusky and when they had known it. Executive director Jack Raykovitz said he was informed only that an unidentified individual reported being "uncomfortable about seeing Jerry Sandusky in the locker room shower with a… »7/12/12 11:40am7/12/12 11:40am

Records Suggest PSU Officials Knew In 2001 That Sandusky Shower Incident Involved More Than Just "Horsing Around"

The meeting supposedly took place in 2001 in response to the now infamous shower incident reported by Mike McQueary. As we learned from CNN, Penn State's trio (VP Gary Schultz, president Graham Spanier, and athletic director Tim Curley) had initially devised a three-pronged approach to dealing with the situation—speak… »7/03/12 3:52pm7/03/12 3:52pm

Leaked Penn State Emails Suggest Joe Paterno Protected Jerry Sandusky

For those still genuflecting at the altar of Paterno, this is bad. According to CNN, Penn State officials were discussing a plan of action to handle the Sandusky mess in 2001 that involved contacting child welfare services. One official spoke with Joe Paterno and the next day, that was no longer the plan. »6/30/12 9:50am6/30/12 9:50am