Grambling Football Team Ends Boycott; Situation Still A Mess [Updated]

The Grambling football team's boycott in protest of shitty work conditions is now over. But that's not to say all is well. Photos of the football facility that surfaced over the weekend show just how awful things had gotten, and the university has punished two members of the student newspaper for covering and… »10/21/13 4:39pm10/21/13 4:39pm


What's Behind The Grambling Football Team's Protest

Grambling's storied football program is in complete disarray. On Tuesday, players walked out of a meeting with coaches and administrators. On Wednesday, they skipped practice altogether in protest, then repeated the boycott again today. And interim coach George Ragsdale has reportedly been fired. The players aren't… »10/17/13 6:46pm10/17/13 6:46pm